To fully discover Porto one of the places you shouldn’t miss is Foz do Douro.

This is where the Douro River finally meets the Atlantic Ocean. You will easily be struck by the wonderful landscape. From the lighthouse to the seaside promenade, the beautiful terraces by the beach and a charming neighbourhood teeming with nice restaurants and local shops.

If you are staying in Foz do Douro taking the old number 1 tram is probably the nicest way to reach the city center. You will be able to enjoy the riverside all the way through. Of course you can always take the bus and it will take you approximately 25 minutes for the same route

It is a privileged place with the beaches and the seaside promenade. Nevertheless it is also a Natural Heritage site with the Foz Geological Walk promoting and protecting its special rocky formations.

Sophisticated and beautiful beach bars make it a lovely area during the day or night: Praia da Luz and Homem do Leme are two of the best places to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink or cocktail.

Plus, being one the most upscale areas in the city, Foz do Douro also offers some of the best places to eat: Pedro Lemos, the only Michelin starred restaurant in town, is just around the corner. Cafeína, serving its international cuisine with Portuguese roots, is a local staple not to be missed and Ichiban a top notch Japanese restaurant with great design and atmosphere, just to name a few!

If you are looking for a place to sit back and relax, enjoying the sun and the ocean and still be close to the city center then Foz do Douro is the perfect spot to be. Flattered to be in Porto is located at the very heart of it all. Rua Senhora da Luz is one of the main commercial streets of the neighbourhood and this is where you can easily enjoy all the beautiful things Foz do Douro has to offer.