One of our 2015 New Year’s resolutions was to change the way Flattered and Art are connected. We weren’t absolutely happy with our first attempt to fulfill the walls with art works. There were awesome pieces, surely. But they simply stood there.

So we came with the idea of creating something from scratch. The formula is very easy: an apartment = one artist. And we decided to simply call it Flattered by… 

We invited people whose work has always had a big impact in our minds and propose them a sort of “white room” to show their work. This means that each apartment, in Porto, will bear the signature of a specific artist for the next two years.  

The first round of art works will be installed between 2nd and 6th March. And we are extremely thrilled to present the five Portuguese artist guests featured in the first edition of this venue: Duarte Amaral Netto, Gonçalo Mar, ±MAISMENOS±, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Matos.

We can’t wait to see and share the result of this new adventure!