He’s a well humoured guy who loves what he does, every wall, every canvas, paper, wood and ink.
Gonçalo Mar features one of our five Porto apartments with his creations under the project Flattered.by: which consists in a biennial event in our homely setting in Foz do Douro.

Each apartment holds an individual intervention from five Portuguese artists. Besides Gonçalo, 2015-2017 Flattered.by: edition showcases Paulo Arraiano, Duarte Amaral Neto, Miguel Januário and Pedro Matos.

From drawing with chalk on the street at the age of 12, studying Fashion Design at the F.A.L. Academy, through working in an animation studio ... MAR is now a fully fledged member, leader and instigator of the worldwide graffiti and street art movement.

In the top apartment, facing the city, the living room walls were given textures of aquatic entanglements, vivid enough to convoke psychedelic visions.


Those visions became volumes in other compartments as fleshy wood disrupting the quiet in the bedroom.


Gonçalo is used to much bigger walls than those in the Foz apartments. He’s often commissioned for street art creations planned to cover façades.


His work results in very colourful compositions and a show of hybrid characters that will make you stand still for a while.



We’re thankful to hold smaller scale examples of his talent, even if just for some months.


We’re Flattered to host some national representatives of Portuguese culture. Sharing their artistic deeds with our guests is Flattered.’s concept to provide good views from the inside of our flats.

Come and make as many vernissages as you want. Flattered.by: was made for you.