We have to go back to 1887 to trace the origins of the scent that resonates throughout your skin after showering with Flattered. amenities.

Originally founded by two German gentleman under the name Claus & Schweder, and nearly 130 years later, Claus still remains a Porto based company manufacturing the city’s most recognized fragrances. In the aftermath of the First World War Claus became part of the Ach Brito company. The founder Mr. Achiles Brito and his descendants have managed to strive, keeping the brand’s success and ultimately creating a local institution.

Claus Founders 1887

Achiles Brito

Claus products can be found under different forms of soaps, colognes, lotions, candles, or even home diffusers. All of which are a flattering way to engrave your memories from staying in the city.

Besides the acclaimed quality of their extensive range of product lines one special feature strikes a chord on everyone’s heart. It’s beautiful packaging celebrating La Belle Époque. The company has it’s own design and printing department since 1953 and their graphic outputs belong to our national history of Commercial Design.

What a better way to immerse yourself in the beautiful story behind this local brand than to shower with their products…




Images taken from Claus Porto

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