The Festa dos Tabuleiros (Trays’ Festival) will take place in Tomar next July.

Between the 4th and the 13th an extensive program of festivities will be held. And, believe it or not, we have been working hard for the last few months to offer you the best festival ever. 

The Tabuleiros, an ancient Holy Ghost festivity, is held only once every four years, which is why it makes it so special for so many people. Besides the religious traditions, the music, the food and the fireworks throughout the week, almost every street in Tomar becomes embellished with beautiful paper flowers.

The most colorful and ornamented street is awarded a prize. This year we are working hard to make Rua de Santa Iria the most beautiful ever. We can’t wait to see how the street will look like in less than two months! 

Please join us in Tomar and witness the living heritage of a medieval tradition and one the most celebrated Portuguese festivals.