Oporto bakers did not invent the éclair. Despite this fact, truth is that over the years it became a local staple. We would even dare to say that if Lisbon has its "pastéis de Belém" (Portuguese custard tart) Oporto has its "éclairs".

A place worth mentioning, that excels in producing “probably” the best éclairs in the city, is definitely Leitaria da Quinta do Paço.
Dating back from 1920, the company started as a dairy business, producing and distributing milk, butter, cheese and whip cream. For many years its salty butter, wrapped in paper and sold by the pound, was its most coveted product. More recently, and after a few ups and downs, the company found new ownership. With this new team at the helm a breath of fresh air and investment introduced extensive new offerings and 4 brand new locations. Including its first ever Lisbon shop. Even if you’re not much of a sugar person you can always try the salty new versions. It’s definitely worth a visit. For us it’s one of the things we just can't live without.

some images taken from Leitaria do Paço's facebook page and website