Lobo (Wolf) Taste. The name says it all. Masterminded by Paulo Lobo himself, a famous local designer, Lobo Taste is a statement of his vision and personal preferences.

Running since 2010 the shop is located at Palácio das Artes in Largo de S. Domingos, at the south end of Rua das Flores. Following a trend of reviving neglected old imagery and products, the shop offers a unique array of traditional arts and crafts items mixed with some pieces of Lobo's own design.

With its big wide open door, Lobo Taste is a colourful invitation to experience the fabrics, the tiles, ceramics and basketry of long established manufacturing traditions of Portugal. All of this showcased in a tasteful space.

On top of our list of favourite purchases would definitely be the reed baskets.

A must go place to visit while you are in town. And don't worry: this "wolf" won't bite you.