‘± maismenos ±’ was born in 2005 as a personal spin-off of an academic research project.

By the use of viral mechanisms and multiple media it quickly became a reference of creative intervention in Portuguese urban circles. 

Miguel Januário, the visual artist behind ‘± maismenos ±’, used the apartment to showcase different aspects of his recent work. There are pieces from the hand cut Bills series, foams, prints and a remarkable collage. Iconic pieces such as the ±can± and the ±pay nothing± shopping basket can also be seen.

The artist purpose was to occupy the space with words and manipulated quotes in a way to induce moments of reflection. You can be in a beautiful space, away from home and your daily routine, and still be challenged by the irony of sharp word games.


± is the visual representation of the collapse of the economic systems (+ – = 0), clearly conveying a standpoint in regards to it – while also acting as a blank canvas, a particularly open-ended icon where the citizen may be able to project anything they wish, fear or suspect. 

Initially, ± presented itself as a brand against brands, its utopian mission being the antidote to advertising: ± may be found as illegal marks over a wide variety of urban environments, just as it may surface as an art installation. 

Today ‘± maismenos ±’ is also an international reference, having participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences and festivals around the world.

Photos #1, #2 and #4 by Maria Rita Photography.