Flattered to be in Porto

At Flattered Apartments we aim for creating a version of an actual home, with all the amenities that usually come attached. Here you can enjoy the freedom of choosing your own time and pace and still have a certain amount of personal services.

This is why we came up with the idea of providing Yoga and Body Massage Services at the apartments. From now on our living rooms can be transformed into relaxation rooms where you can benefit from these mind-body balance activities.

Yoga increases flexibility, reduces stress, helps to sleep better and it can also boost the immune system. 

Body Massage is an excellent way to reduce anxiety, relieving stiffness and increasing fluids circulation. If you decide for this activity, our therapists will bring every essential to the apartment: oils, candles, towels and a portable massage table.

Whether if you are a longtime activist or simply someone curious to try something different while on vacation Flattered to be in Porto has now both these options available for you. You just need to breed in, breed out and relax…