Five minutes walking from Flattered to be in Lisboa and you will find Pastelaria Mexicana.

This special place originally opened its doors back in 1946 as a modest bakery shop. In the sixties it was fully renovated according to a modernist plan by architect Jorge Ferreira Chaves.

Once you are inside you can feel the old school charm and admire the beautiful architectural details. The center piece of this modernist feast is a ceramic panel called "Mexican Sun” by Querubim Lapa, a famous Portuguese ceramist.

Pastelaria Mexicana has always been a meeting point for artists and upper middle class locals. Still run by the founding partners’ families it has managed to survive over the years by retaining this intellectual and upscale aura. It was recently classified as a Public Interest Site in order to preserve its beautiful decorative elements.
Another detail hard to miss is the birdcage filled with bright colored parakeets.

At tea time, you can even order scones and pancakes with jam. Yes, it is an excellent place for small bites. And also a perfect place to mingle with the locals and enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Lisbon neighborhood. Don't miss it!

Pastelaria Mexicana
Avenida Guerra Junqueiro, 30 C
Phone +351218486119
Open daily: 08:00-23:00.