Pedro Matos has been hailed as one of Portugal’s most promising contemporary artists.

His practice has been a continuous investigation of the ephemeral and decaying, the withered and downtrodden - Qualities the artist finds present in the urban landscape and nature alike, whether made by unconscious human gestures and mark making or natural phenomena.

Pedro Matos used his apartment as an extension of his research on the ephemeral and the dissolute. The artist did an intervention in the room, painting directly on the wall. The purpose was to connect with three paintings of his Withered Paintings series and also with the outside space.

The intricate complexity of abstract textures and detailed fragments, located in the edge between abstraction and representation arises in the urban landscape and also on its nature and processes. This dualism is valid for the location of Flattered Apartments: between the beach and the city, between nature and urban life. The pieces presented also represent this polarity.

Pedro Matos was born in Santarém, Portugal in 1989. He studied at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon (2008); Arco Visual Arts Centre (2009) and Central Saint Martin's College of Art at the University of London (2011).
Pedro's work has been widely exhibited internationally, both in solo and group exhibitions such as The National Army Museum in London (2013); Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles (2013); The Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas (2012); University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson (2011) and Phillips de Pury in London (2010). His work is in the permanent public collections of The National Army Museum in London and Museu da Guarda in Portugal.

Photos #1, #2 and #3 by Maria Rita Photography